Galerie du Lavis de Fusing / Gallery of Fused Glass Painting


"Tango de nuit de lune/ Moon Night Tango"

Tango de nuit de lune/ Moon Night Tango

Dimensions verres/glass 16,6" x 24" x t0,2" / 42,1[cm] x 60,5[cm] x t5[mm]
avec cadres/with the frame 19,1" x 26,5" x 1,2" / 48,4[cm] x 67,4[cm] x 3 [cm]
Remarks This is a piece of fused glass painting. This is colored with the glass frit on a large plate glass. In addition, the outline is drawn in the Grisaille. The theme of the work is the street performance of the tango held by stray Cats in the moon night.
Prix/Price 87.000 JPY

View with the front light

View with the light behind

Enlarged view with the light behind

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