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Plate "Dix taureaux / Ten Bulls"

Dix taureaux / Ten Bulls
Plate(Dish):Dix taureaux / Ten Bulls

Dimensions 14,6" x 10,6" x 2" (x 0,2" thickness)
/ 37[cm] x 27[cm] x 5[cm] (x 5mm )
Prix/Price @50.000 JPY
"Ten Bulls" are the old figure of Zen buddhism.
(1) 尋牛 In Search of the Bull (aimless searching, only the sound of cicadas)
(2) 見跡 Discovery of the Footprints (a path to follow)
(3) 見牛 Perceiving the Bull (but only its rear, not its head)
(4) 得牛 Catching the Bull (a great struggle, the bull repeatedly escapes, discipline required)
(5) 牧牛 Taming the Bull (less straying, less discipline, bull becomes gentle and obedient)
(6) 騎牛帰家 Riding the Bull Home (great joy)
(7) 忘牛存人 The Bull Transcended (once home, the bull is forgotten, discipline's whip is idle; stillness)
(8) 人牛倶忘 Both Bull and Self Transcended (all forgotten and empty) >> Nothing
(9) 返本還源 Reaching the Source (unconcerned with or without; the sound of cicadas)
(10) 入てん垂手 Return to Society (crowded marketplace; spreading enlightenment by mingling with humankind)
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