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 I was bone in Tokyo Japan in 1963. After I earned a master of Mechanical Engineering from Yokohama National University at the age of 25, went into a consumer electronic company as a engineer.
 However, I was not able to give up the childhood dream of becoming an artist. And I quitted the company at the age of 35, and began to create the stained glass alone. The studio named "Glass Studio TAPPU「ステンドグラス工房達風」" started in one room of the apartment house had an area of 4yd x 5yd.
 I went to France to study the painting stained glass at once after I opened the studio. There was a lot of stimulus in France, and I decided to create the stained glass that Japanese people can accept but not to bring in the French style into Japan.
So,I designed the almost monochromatic panel with 1 or 2 colors. It liked a Indian-ink painting "sumi-e" that is a Japanese traditional painting.
 By the way,I began to study the sumi-e under the famous master(Mr. Suzuki) when I opened the studio.
 The seemingly tedious works gradually began to sell. The offer of special order began to come from the customer who saw my websites.
 And, I have held several solo exhibitions.

 I have addressed the challenge to create lead-free stained glass since 2006. In 2007,I visited the studio of the stained glass artist in Rennes France. There,I met a flat big kiln, and was enchanted by the fused glass art.
 After I got home ,I started the research of original fused glass at once. First,I designed and made the kiln that was able to fuse the 31 x 20inches or less glass plate. It was not too difficult for me to make the kiln. Because I was a former engineer and could get the materials easily through the internet. However, the real difficulty is the creation of something unique and original.
 I began to grope for the possibility to apply the delicacy and improvisation of the sumi-e to the glass art. I use base glass plate instead of paper and use grisaille(*) instead of India-ink.
 So, the glass picture that has the delicacy of sumi-e and the polish of glass is finished. And,I rearized lead-free glass art "無鉛ステンドグラス". I decided to call the new genre "Fused glass painting". The fused glass will be improved more.
  *Grisaille is a black metal powder for stained glass painting.

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Katsushi Fukuta

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