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The TAPPU-Style-Suibokuga is a type of sumi-e (ink wash painting) that adds colors to the traditional Chinese ink. This technique combines the simplicity of sumi-e with the vividness of watercolor.

Production scenes of Suibokuga
Production scenes of Suibokuga

A painting created with sumi-e (Japanese ink wash painting) can become a beautiful addition to your interior decor simply by putting it in a store-bought frame. Why not you try learning sumi-e and enjoy the pleasure of painting in your life?

Examples of framing for Suibokuga
Suibokuga postcard

The TAPPU-Style-Suibokuga has several unique characteristics:

  1. The style is realistic, delicate, and vibrant.
  2. With inexpensive tools that are readily available, you can easily create high-quality paintings. The lightweight tools make it a hobby that can be enjoyed even as you get older.
  3. There is a balance between adhering to traditional methods and having the freedom to experiment and create your own style.
  4. Although it may seem contradictory to the previous point, by focusing on certain compositional elements, anyone can create aesthetically pleasing paintings.
  5. The subject matter can range from flowers, trees, animals, landscapes, and more.

In other words, it is an ideal painting technique for beginners, as well as for seasoned artists who want to develop their own unique style. At TAPPU Suibokuga classes, we provide flexible instruction to accommodate everyone. We also offer experience workshops mainly for foreign travelers. It’s only 2 hours class, but I think you can learn a lot. Please feel free to contact us to learn more.

tools and materials
composition example,dense and sparse

Experience workshops for travelers

  • This is 2-hour experience course mainly for foreign travelers. Of course, Japanese people are also welcome.
  • We will teach you the basics of making ink, fundamental brush techniques, and how to compose your painting.
  • You can finish 1-2 pieces of artwork around A3 size and take them home with you.
  • I will provide instruction in English or French.
  • Tuition fee: 3,000 JPY per person (2 hours).

Why don’t you create a beautiful memory and souvenir of your trip to Japan by trying your hand at painting a Suibokuga? Feel free to email us.

French students and their  works
Workshop for travelers from France and their works
Workshop for travelers from France
Workshop for travelers from France
ステンドグラス作家で水墨画家の福田勝司の動画配信チャンネルです。 コンテンツは大きく分けて次の3種類です。 【1】ステンドグラスの作り方解説とグラス工房達風での制作風景、展覧会の模様 【2】10分水墨画教室シリーズなど、水墨画の描き方解説 【3】PC改造ネタ(元エンジニアの経験を生かして) ステンドグラスの作り方と水墨...